Buying a House Online UK

At online estate agents UK we thrive to give a good service to both sides of the party. It seems that the general feeling is that an estate agent works for the seller as they are the ones paying the fee. This isn’t really true. If you think about it; it is the buyer that pays the money across in order to make the buying a house possible. Obviously the seller allows the process to happen by putting there house on the market but if there is no buyer then there is no sale.  Both parties have to be equally happy and both have to have the same goal in order to make a successful completion.  We base all our figures on completions, not viewings or offers; it is all about completions for us.

When it comes to buying a house there are several things you need to look out for. At online estate agents UK we ensure we give you every piece of information available in order to maximise your ticked criteria. Unlike the old style where the high street estate agent would send you to every new property and tell you it is the best thing since sliced bread, we try to filter out exactly what you are looking for and then through the new technology we pick the properties that suit you and give you everything you need from floor plans to individual room sizes, street views and aerial shots. We can even supply on request local housing market trends comparable properties and a market report of the area and the state of the market there. All this info is more than you would get from you high street estate agent. Because of the way we work, although we should say it, we can get the above info to you quite easily and at little cost.

We feel the above should be standard nowadays as the info is readily available if you know what you are doing. The problem is, the high street estate agents have tight margins and so many over heads extra work is not what they need right now.

If our strategy works in today’s climate, we see the future will be bright as the housing market picks up. Online Estate Agents UK will be the place to buy and sell your property.

Buying a Buy To Let Property

Our roots come from the fast paced buy to let market where distressed sales and quick buyers is a common place. We have strived at this and build a personal company portfolio which gives us an excellent vantage point to see what is going on in the market and what works and doesn’t in the rental market. If you are looking for a buy to let property then we have some simple tips for you.

Buying a house as an investment has for many years been the place of the wealthy, well in the last 10 years online estate agents UK has seen private landlords cropping up everywhere with people wanting a piece of the cake. House prices have grown dramatically in the last 10 years. Even though we have had some bad time of recent, as long as you bought at the right time, even the newest of landlords can make money. A few things we look for in a property are as below:

  • High Rental Yield – Outside of London you need to be above 6%
  • Good state of repair – when buying a house, the last thing you want is a huge maintenance bill
  • Location – The obvious location, location, location..
  • Transport links
  • Schools
  • Possibility of public sector rents, i.e. hospitals
  • student accommodation

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