About Us

webpowerdomain.com are a sister company of a large UK Property Investment company.  We have been buying and selling properties for ourselves and our 10,000 clients for the last 7 years.  We have a proven track record and have a database larger than most.  We have the ability of getting your property in front of 10,000 serious buyers with in 24 hours.  Not many estate agents can do this.  On top of this we will have your property on rightmove which is the largest property portal in the UK.

Online Estate Agents UK believe that an estate agent should act for the seller and the buyer.  The role of a successful estate agent is to bring sellers and buyers together, both agreeing on terms and figures and then to make a smooth transition with out any hiccups.  It is not our job to stitch up the buyer and then shake hands with the seller.  In our experience this is when things go wrong.  Although last minute price changes seem to be a lot less frequent now, it does still happen.  In today’s difficult market it is very hard to see a sale through to completion.  Most sales have chains in the back ground meaning the most simplest of breaks can ruin the entire chain.  It is in everyone’s interest to complete on agreed sales, and we believe the trick to this is ensuring that not just the seller is happy, but also the buyer.  If a buyer believes he has the deal of the century he is very unlikely to pull out.  If everyone works like this then broken chains will be a thing of the past and can rely more on an accepted offer than they can at the moment.  Moving is a very big thing in life and unnecessary stresses are what we are here to iron out.  We have dealt with 100′s of completions and have seen a wide variety of problems scenarios.  All most all of them have been over come and with a bit of forward planning will never arise again.

Online Estate Agents UK will look to grow its business across the UK, delivering the upmost professionalism and service.  We look to become the largest online estate agent and hope to continue to grow our business.  Even though we look to expand our business we will always know our roots and the reasons of our success.  Online Estate Agents UK company ethics is to keep outgoings to a minimum and not go down the route of a high street estate agent.  It is the low running costs of an internet company that give us our edge!

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