Online Estate Agents UK

Why pay high fee’s to your local estate agent when you can sell for a fraction of the price with Online Estate Agents UK.  See below our three simple options to decide what suits your needs best.  We have as much chance as any local estate agent to sell your house but Online Estate Agents UK do it with out the unnecessary costs incurred due to high street overheads. Online estate agents are the future for all UK property sales. Place your property with us and sell use the estate agents tools without the costs.





  • Options 1:

Fixed Fee – £395 advertise on Rightmove plus many more until sold

  • Option 2:

Fixed Fee – £295 advertise on Rightmove plus many more for 12 month

Plus 0.25% of sold value on completion

  • Option 3:

Fixed Fee £50 advertise on Rightmove plus many more for 12 month

Plus 0.5% of sold value on completion

95% of properties are originally sourced from the internet.  No longer is it the case where potential buyers go around the estate agents and see what they have in their windows and sign up to there marketing databases.  now a days things have changed! Technology is ever advancing and the ways things are bought and sold is moving with it.  Don’t think that selling and buying houses have to be done through a high street estate agent.

If you have bought or sold recently you will know that after the initial communication there is little need for an agent.  Yet you still have to pay the usually between 1.25% and 2%.  An average house price at the moment is around the £185,000 mark, meaning fees as high as £4,440 including VAT are to be paid.  Now think what they have actually done to earn that money.   Firstly, they have sold your house!  That is great and is worth a fee!  However, if you can get the same result for up to 90% cheaper, why wouldn’t you.  Online Estate Agents UK are striving to get the message across.  You do not need high street estate agents any more.

Online Estate Agents UK has been selling property for some 20 years both in and out of estate agents.  We have taken all the best parts and basically binned everything else.  If it is not needed, then get rid of it!  That’s how we see it.  And the biggest thing to go was a branch of shops and staff.  This straight away meant we could reduce our fee’s dramatically.  Then we realised with a bit more stream lining we could change the entire process and make it even more attractive.  We are trying to make ways with mortgage brokers and solicitors to make our service 100% Free.  We will be paid exclusively through introductions.  This is some way off yet but we see the competitive market needing more reform.  Rather than sit and watch it we wont to be to steps ahead with our online estate agent.

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